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3 Reasons Why Escapology Escape Rooms Are The Coolest Indoor Activity For Kids In Memphis

From helping kids build good teamwork skills to giving kids an opportunity to celebrate Halloween early, there's no denying that Escapology is one of the coolest things to do in Memphis with your kids. After all, what's not to love about seeing kids running around and solving mysteries as opposed to looking down at their phones?

Encourage Kids to Build Good Teamwork and Problem-Solving Skills

Compared with other indoor activity options, the major draw for escape rooms is that kids involve as much brain as brawn in their activity. Both parts of a child get a good workout. And since escape rooms rely on group participation for solving puzzles, there are plenty of roles of activity to go around. No one is left out.

What makes escape rooms especially fun is that regardless of whether or not your team wins, every experience encountered in the game is a learning experience. That is why escape rooms are especially good places for kids to practice interpersonal and physical dexterity skills.

Imagine this scenario: You and your teammates find yourselves in an empty office room with a flickering light glowing inside. You have 15 minutes left to escape the room and you're all out of hints. You split up and search around the room for clues. So far, the only possible clues that you and your teammates can find are a poster with a connection to Morse code letters attached to the back of the door, and a journal depicting how many times the mystery crime was committed.

Under normal circumstances, you and your team would be able to figure out the connection between the flickering light and the poster, but since you found the journal earlier, neither of you realized that the journal was a red herring until time ran out. This "crescendo" moment is where escape rooms test the mettle of your team, and become the most exciting place to be.

Here at Escapology, all of our games rely both of good problem solving skill development and storytelling. So regardless of whether you're a beginner or a more advanced player, there is always something in our games that is engaging and worth contemplation. This way, even the most frustrated of our players can still have a good time solving the Escapology puzzles.

Letting Kids Run Around Without Getting Penalized

Remember the days when your teachers would shout, "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLWAYS!" right before the first period bell would ring? Well at Escapology our escape rooms are places for kids to run free as long as they’re not tripping over anyone's toes, moving fast to find clues in order to escape before time's up is considered fair game.

Since time is of the essence in an escape room, it's important for kids to be able to learn to work quickly and efficiently in order to solve the puzzles.  After all, it is that adrenaline rush that kids (and other visitors) develop while solving the puzzles that make escape rooms all the more exciting to play. Plus, kids need all the space that they can get in order to run around and burn off any tasty treats they may have had for a snack.

Giving Kids the Opportunity to Dress Up in Fun Costumes While Solving Mysteries

Who says that you have to wait until Halloween in order to dress up as some of your favorite characters? In order to solve mysteries and puzzles, it's important that kids learn to think from other perspectives. One of the ways in which they do this is by putting on costumes and acting out as the characters whom they are dressed as.

While this strategy may not be a requirement in order to solve the puzzles in an escape room game, it can add a boost of confidence to first time escape room players and add more fun to the experienced.

Here at Escapology, some of our more challenging games such as Budapest Express requires players to think just like a detective in order to figure out who the killer is on board the train.

Although it’s not required for any of our guests to come dressed as a 1930s French detective in order to play Budapest Express or any other character that matches the theme of our game(s), we nevertheless are happy to see kids come in dressed for the adventure.

So whether you want to come dressed as CIA Field Operative Gerard "Gerry" Droller while escaping from Fidel Castro's palace in a Cuban Crisis or Detective Karine Peaufiner figuring out who the killer is on board the famous Budapest Express, we look forward to seeing your children and giving them a creative and adventurous time in one of our escape rooms at Escapology.

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