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Celebrating its Flagship Store Grand Opening in Las Vegas

The clock is ticking, your heart is racing and an awful fate awaits. You need a way out, fast! All escape routes lead from Escapology, where experiences are built to thrill.


Escapology, the U.S. market leader in escape games, opened a flagship 10-game venue at 2797 S. Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas. Six games (Cuban Crisis, Arizona Shootout, Budapest Express, Antidote, The3 C0d3, Shanghaied) are available to play. Four more games will be added after Grand Launch Week, which starts Feb. 21.


Escapology CEO Simon Davison said escape games in the past two to three years have emerged as the fastest-growing form of entertainment since cinema. Their popularity has exploded. Escapology’s first venue, on International Drive in Orlando, Florida, opened in June 2014 and has since served more than 50,000 players a year and more than 120,000 customers overall.


“Achieving No. 1 status in Orlando on TripAdvisor within six months of opening was an amazing achievement beyond our wildest dreams,” Davison said. “We are raising the bar again in Las Vegas and leading the market in the quality of our customer experience and service.”


Escapology’s games immerse players into storylines, presenting a fun, interactive 60-minute challenge. Working as a team of two to six people, players hunt for clues, break codes, solve puzzles and complete mental and physical challenges to engineer escapes.


As players hatch exit strategies, game masters use closed-circuit television to send cryptic messages to a monitor in the room. Theme music builds tension and a countdown clock keeps pressure pulsing.


“The escape is such a rush,” Davison said. “You often hear the shouts of excitement in the main lobby.”


Escapology is the first U.S. live escape game company to offer franchises. Twenty-four sites are set to open in 2017; 11 are already in business. The company hopes to have 100 venues signed by year’s end.


Prices for the games in Las Vegas start at $30 per person for a weekday game and $35 per person for weekends.


Escapology’s games


Cuban Crisis: Havana, Cuba, 1962. Your mission is to infiltrate Fidel Castro’s palace, find the secret KGB office, and determine who shot down an American plane. Failing to complete your mission in time could spark nuclear war. Arizona Shootout: Tombstone, Arizona, 1881. It’s 2:55 in the afternoon, you, Wyatt Earp, and three other marshals are inside the O.K. Corral Saloon discussing crimes blamed on a gang of bloodthirsty cowboy outlaws. You and the outlaws clash. Guns blaze. Some of your men are injured two outlaws slip away. But who? You must find out and stop their escape into Mexico.


Budapest Express: Central Europe, 1931. There has been a murder on the famous trans-European Budapest Express. You are a renowned French detective bound for Budapest. The train manager tells you the train will stop at the next station in an hour, and if the killer hasn’t been apprehended, he (or she) will escape into the night to spill more blood.


Antidote: Nevada, 2015. Dr. Walton Brandt, a high-ranking American chemical weapons specialist has mysteriously gone rogue. He has created a powerful virus capable of killing entire populations in mere hours. You must scour Brandt’s laboratory to find the antidote and save the world.


The3 C0d3: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2015. The world’s greatest cyberhacker plans to release a worm that will drain 100 million U.S. bank accounts of $75 billion. You, as an FBI cybercrime agent, must find the code and kill the program before it wipes out fortunes coast to coast.


Shanghaied: Hong Kong, 1848. What happened last night? After an evening of celebrating with friends you awake in a blur aboard a Chinese junk ship. You’ve been fooled into crossing the high seas with the ship’s sailors, a perilous fate. You must escape before the ship leaves the harbor. Get caught and you’ll face a life of punishment, or death by hanging.

ESCAPOLOGY 2797 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-359­-0805 OPENING HOURS: 4-­11 p.m. Source